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Parts & Accessories

Welcome to RAE Caravan Parts

Take a look at our sister company for all your Touring Caravan and Motorhome parts

RAE Caravan Parts offer a wide selection of Touring Caravan and Motorhome parts by Mail Order with Delivery all over the UK. Our aim is to create an ever increasing stock of quality, well described parts at the right price.We believe in helping our customers to maintain their caravans at a manageable cost. We stock caravan spares to support you in your maintenance, upgrade and refurbishment of your caravan.Thanks for taking a look


A motor mover is a device to manoeuvre your caravan electrically without the need for a tow car or manual pushing and pulling.
Motor movers are useful when facing a tricky pitch, a motor mover can save you time, hassle, embarrassment and tow car clutch wear. Simply unhook the caravan and ‘drive’ it solo onto the tight spot with the remote-control handset.If you store your tourer in a tight spot at home a mover will speed up the process. Many also allow a caravan to be turned very tightly which would be impossible with a tow car. Use them to point your caravans hitch away from the road, so that a thief can't access it. The majority of steep driveways also pose no challenge to a quality mover.

A very practical accessory to your caravan ask for a quote to suit your caravan and your budget. We supply Reich and Powrtouch, both market leaders in motor movers.They offer a 5 year warranty on their products, so they are a good investment too.

Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Solar Panels are now extremely popular and are essential for running lights and your water pump if you are intending on going away for more than two days when main hook up is not available.
Roof mounted solar panels are designed with years of experience to provide a lightweight, low intrusive installation and the power that sustain you holiday trip. A fitted solar panel caravan kit has the advantages of being “fit and forget”. Once it is mounted and installed you don’t have to find a place for it to be stored or worry about security when leaving the van. It will constantly generate power.This enables the battery to be kept in the best possible condition and increasing the life time greatly. Any alarms or security systems that may be running while it is in storage or on your drive can then be left active.

Refillable Gas Systems

Popular with today's motorhomers are the refillble gas systems such as Gaslow and Alugas . Why struggle connecting, lifting and carrying heavy gas bottles.By installing a Refillable Cylinder System, you can simply pull in to one of thousands of LPG stations throughout the UK and Europe and fill up just like you would your car. Ideal when you travel to Europe no more searching to find somewhere to exchange your empty cylinder for a full one!

Digital Aerials 

For more than 10 years the Status 530 TV Antenna has lead the way but as we enter this new Digital era we have taken up the challenge to develop something which includes a host of new features which will also allow you to tune in your TV in seconds – The all new Status 570! There is also a wide range of antennas to suit your individual needs . Just call to discuss your needs.